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Designed for OUTDOOR Therapy
and Fun !

Rock N´ Roll takes great pride in providing a device that brings joy to others. Rock N´ Roll will customize a cycle for the needs of each individual, such as those with :


Spina BifidaVisual Impairment/Blindness
Cerebral PalsyPartial Paralysis
AmputationsOrthopedic Handicaps


Rock N’ Roll’s cycles bring joy

"You can't imagine the joy and excitement that has been Cherith’s."

"These thoughts of thanks are sent today, for God has worked through you in such a special way’s.".

"The bicycle has been the delight of Cherith’s days. She can go up and down the sidewalk, down to the end of the block. More of the little kids come over to the house now because they can all ride around together."

What makes these cycles different? What makes them ideal for the impaired and aged? The unique patented cycles are powered by the forward and backward motion of the handlebars.

Rock N´ Roll fun cycles come in several models for all age groups - child, youth and adult. All of them afford mobility and excellent exercise for the total body (legs, stomach, back, arm and shoulder muscles), strengthening the heart and lungs and increasing the grip in the hands.

And their cycles are just plain fun, too.

"Not only did we celebrate the life that we have in Christ, but we celebrated the quality of life that can be enjoyed because of God's goodness to His people and their willingness to bless other lives."

The easy forward and backward motion of the handlebar propels the front wheel. Also, the cycle will coast with the handlebar held still, (i.e.freewheeling). One can use the handlebar only - the footpedals only - or both at the same time! Steering is very easy.

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Rock N´ Roll takes great pride in providing a device that brings joy to others, at the most affordable price.

Rock N' Roll cycles have been featured on TV and in the press.

Rock N'Roll is located in Levelland, Texas.

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