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With Power Trike you can easily go everywhere without leaving your wheelchair.

Power Trike electric attachment is the best way to easily move around outdoors without leaving your wheelchair. At any time you can detach Power Trike and recover your full autonomy.

Just imagine what you could do with the 20 miles autonomy:

Firm sand, fields, off road paths and other walkways are not only accessible but fun with the powerful and versatile Power Trike. Boldly go where few wheelchairs have gone before.

Power Trike is quiet and incredibly green. If you have lost contact with Nature, you will get it back with Power Trike.

All of this with an electric bike that you can take easily in your car and that requires almost no space to store at home!

Power Trike is the ideal complement to your wheelchair. It quickly and easily attaches to folding and sport wheelchairs.

Power Trike is easy to transport too: unlock and remove the battery, and the remaining frame will be easy to lift into your car.

Children and adolescent can use Power Trike too. They love it.


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It takes minutes to adapt the attachment system to any existing chair (rigid or folding frame) once and for all. Thereafter it takes only seconds to attach and detach PowerTrike.

The attachment system automatically lifts the wheelchair front wheels and you are ready to go.

Power Trike can be used with any wheelchair width.

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A. Front/Parking Brake & Twist Grip Throttle.
B. Quick Lock Mechanism & Safety Catch .
C. Safety Bell.
D. Digital Speedometer & Clock.
E. Control Box & Battery Level Indicator.
F. Quick Release Battery.
G. Rear Brake & Motor Cut Off.

Power Trike comes with a 1 year warranty.

PDQ Mobility's policy is one of continuous improvement, so specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



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Vincent Ross is the inventor of Power Trike. He is himself wheelchair bound and knows what it means to recover the Freedom to move around outdoors:

"I wanted to design a product that would help disabled people get out and about in the countryside and I have achieved this.

"The Power Trike is light and easy enough to take on and off without assistance and will transform the lives of many wheelchair users.

"Since producing and using the first prototype Power Trike I now would not be without mine".

On July 17, 2001, Vincent Ross was awarded the Tomorrow’s World Inventive Individual Award, one of British industry’s most prestigious design awards.

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PowerTrike TM owners enjoy the benefits of one year free membership to the PDQ Club of Power Trike owners. A PDQ Club member automatically qualifies for free insurance to protect against accidental damage, theft and even a breakdown of the PowerTrikeTM in addition to other benefits.

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